Mother’s Day. Виховний захід з англійської мови. 6-7 клас


  • to teach poems and songs about mothers;
  • to develop the skills of reciting;
  • to develop listening and speaking skills and imagination;
  • to review lexical material and use it in the speech;
  • to develop skills and invol ve pupils in the process of communication;
  • to inform about the history of Mother’s Day and traditions of its celebration;
  • to present quotations and jokes of prominent people;
  • to instill in the students’ a sense of respect and admiration for mother and Motherhood.

Resources: Tape recorder, cassette, large sheet of plain paper for each group, card in a form of sun, photos of kids and their mothers, poster with the quiz, pictures of famous people, cards with sayings and proverbs.

Автори: Білоус Г. Г., Куцан І. А., учителі англійської мови, Тернопільська школа № 11.


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